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Pilgrim Year Book Series

Journey through the Christian Year with writer and musician Steve Bell

Take a prayerful journey through the Christian calendar year with Steve Bell’s new book series. The seven-book series includes devotional reflections on the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Ordinarytime. Drawing on poetry, music, history and tradition, Steve’s unique reflections animate a rich spiritual tradition for the seasoned and the novice alike.

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Pilgrim Year Resources

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Like Steve Bell, I came to the liturgical year as an adult, and I appreciate the wonder and joy he shares in these booklets. There’s a freshness to his insights into the church calendar and saints days that can be a balm for anyone grown tired of what can seem like ”the annual liturgical grind.” Bell gives us plenty to chew on: history, poetry, songs, and spiritual reflection by him and other writers, both contemporary and traditional, from Hildegard of Bingen to John off the Cross. My favorite of the songs is “Big Mistake,” a cheeky look at the Israelites of the Exodus, who prove reluctant to embrace the love and freedom God has offered them on their risky journey through the desert. Throughout these booklets Bell expresses profound truths in simple language. Of Pentecost he says that its gift “is a gesture of renewal...a signpost of the new creation to come, the marriage of heaven and earth which in Christ and in the Church has already begun.” Readers - and listeners - who engage with these writings and songs will find much to guide them on their spiritual journeys through the great church year.
Kathleen Norris, celebrated poet and essayist, Benedictine oblate

There are few things more rewarding than a long spiritual discipline of commitment and understanding. The Church’s liturgical year offers a remarkable depth for those who are willing to enter in and truly ponder each season’s meaning. Even better is to have a guide like Steve Bell in the process. By taking his love of story, his poetic brilliance, and his theological depth, he has created something that is indispensable. Pilgrim Year will be affecting sojourners for decades to come. This man can write! He can sing. He can play. But most of all, he can speak to another’s heart. And that may be the most priceless gift of all.
—Matt Baugher, Sr Vice President, HarperCollins Publishers

Steve Bell’s wonderful Pilgrim Year series calls us to a deeper and more intimate walk of faith using the Christian Church calendar as our guide. Rich with creativity, Bell weaves together in word and song, images and messages that pierce our hearts and speak meaning into the everydayness of our existence. We are reminded that we are part of something so big and vast and wonderful – God’s story. This series is a treasure!
—Karen Pascal, Executive Director, Henri Nouwen Society & Legacy Trust